Adidas Unveils Official Team GB Wear for Paris 2024 Olympics 2

Paris 2024: Adidas Unveils Official Team GB Wear for Paris 2024 Olympics

Team GB Wear for Paris 2024: Adidas Unveils Striking Team GB and ParalympicsGB Kit for Paris 2024 Olympics

Adidas reveals the official Team GB kits for the Paris 2024 Olympics, featuring bold designs and vibrant colors the red, white, and blue!

Adidas has revealed the official team kits for both Team GB and ParalympicsGB ahead of the highly anticipated Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. As the official sportswear provider for Team GB (Great Britain), adidas aims to unite athletes under a single design narrative that celebrates the essence of Great Britain while igniting the passion within every competitor.

Jacqueline King, Design Director of Specialist Sports at adidas, expressed the brand’s commitment to designing for athletes by incorporating elements of national identity alongside the goal of enhancing performance on the global stage. The collections are crafted with simplicity and modernity in mind, aiming to resonate with athletes and fans alike.

One central design story binds all athletes together, emphasizing their shared passion for sport. Graphics, fonts, and prints across the apparel feature a repeated line pattern, symbolizing the burning flame within each competitor. Vibrant pops of color convey the intensity of competition, capturing the spirit of athletes ready to excel on the world stage.

In a groundbreaking move, adidas ensures that 86% of all competition, podium, and village wear for its sponsored teams share a universal design ethos. Embracing tradition while injecting freshness, the Team GB and ParalympicsGB kits incorporate the classic British color palette of red, white, and blue in innovative ways. A color-blocking approach infuses energy into the competition wear, with bold red and brilliant white accents complementing a sleek navy base.

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The design narrative pays homage to British sporting heritage, with a typeface inspired by athletes’ attire from 1924, marking 100 years of excellence. Horizontal and vertical lines within the typeface mimic the undulating movement of fire, adding dynamism to the apparel as athletes take center stage.

Beyond competition wear, the red, white, and blue theme extends to podium wear, symbolizing unity and pride. Athletes such as Tom Daley and Livvy Breen express their excitement for the new kits, highlighting the sense of passion and national pride they evoke.

Adidas’s commitment to supporting athletes extends beyond apparel, with a comprehensive footwear collection designed to meet the specific needs of athletes across various disciplines. The 2024 athlete pack features 49 footwear styles across 41 disciplines, showcasing adidas’s dedication to equipping athletes with the best tools for success.

The unveiling of the Team GB and ParalympicsGB kits marks a milestone in adidas’s legacy of outfitting athletes for greatness. With the Paris 2024 Games on the horizon, athletes and fans eagerly anticipate witnessing the union of performance and style on the world’s greatest sporting stage.

Team GB’s collection is now available for purchase on the Team GB Shop, allowing fans to show their support for the athletes as they prepare to represent Great Britain with pride and determination in Paris.

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