South Korea Olympics Medal Comparison: Tokyo 2020 vs. Paris 2024 Predictions

Explore the comparison of the United States Olympics medal count from Tokyo 2020 with the predicted outcomes for Paris 2024. Discover the changes in medal projections, including anticipated growth and overall performance.

Tokyo 2020 Medals Count for South Korea

Rank NOC Gold Silver Bronze Total Medals
16 South Korea 6 4 10 20

Prediction for 2024 Paris Medal Count for South Korea

NOC Gold Silver Bronze Total Medals
South Korea 9 4 11 24

Tokyo 2020 vs. Paris 2024 Predictions

South Korea @ Tokyo 2020:

  • The country represented by the National Olympic Committee (NOC) is the South Korea.
  • The South Korea was ranked 16st in the table at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.
  • The South Korea achieved a total of 6 gold medals.
  • In addition to gold, the South Korea secured 4 silver medals.
  • The South Korea also obtained 10 bronze medals.
  • Combining all the medals, the South Korea amassed a total of 20 medals.

South Korea @ Paris 2024 Prediction:

Predicted medals at the Paris 2024: The South Korea is projected to win a total of 24 medals.

Growth %

Growth %: 20%

The predicted total of 24 medals represents a 20% increase in the South Korea’ medal count compared to the last Olympics in 2024.

Paris 2024 Olympics

South Korea is scheduled to compete at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris from 26 July to 11 August 2024.

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