When and Where will the Next Olympics take place

When and Where will the Next Olympics take place?

The next Olympics will be held this summer from Friday, July 26 to Sunday, August 11, 2024. 

Discover all the information about the XXXIII Olympiad, commonly referred to as the Paris 2024 Olympics.

The 2024 Paris Olympics: Basics

Games of the XXXIII Olympiad

When will the Paris Olympics take place?

The Paris Olympics are scheduled to occur from Friday, July 26 to Sunday, August 11, 2024.

How many sports are included in the Paris Olympics?

There will be 39 sports featured in the Paris 2024 Olympics.

How many events are scheduled to take place during the Paris Olympics?

A total of 329 events are planned for the Paris Olympics.

What is the expected number of athletes participating in the Paris Olympics?

Approximately 10,500 athletes are expected to participate in the Paris Olympics.

Where will the 2024 Olympics be held?

The next Olympics will be hosted by the city of Paris, capital of France. Paris previously hosted the Olympics in 1924 and after almost 100 years, they are coming up with a big plan to host Olympins in 2024.

What sports are being held at iconic venues during the Paris Olympics?

Some of the most iconic, historic destinations in the City of Lights will be used as competition venues such as…

Beach VolleyballEiffel Tower Stadium
EquestrianPalace of Versailles
Fencing, TaekwondoGrand Palais des Champs-Élysées

When is the Opening Ceremony of the Paris Olympics?

The Games will officially open on Friday, July 26, 2024. Instead of being held in a traditional stadium, the 2024 Opening Ceremony will take the form of a four-mile-long floating procession down the Seine River.

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