Olympians criticise Nike for skimpy women's kit

USA Nike Track and Field kits: US Olympians slam Nike for skimpy women’s track kit

Nike Faces Backlash Over Revealing Women’s Track and Field Kits for 2024 Olympics: Nike, renowned for its athletic apparel, finds itself embroiled in controversy once more as it unveils the Team USA track and field kits for the upcoming 2024 Olympics. However, instead of accolades, the iconic brand faces sharp criticism from women athletes who denounce the uniforms as both impractical for performance and overtly sexist.

The unveiling of the USA Track and Field kits in Paris sparked immediate outcry among athletes, particularly women athletes. Images of the uniforms revealed designs that many argue prioritize aesthetics over functionality, with a significant emphasis on revealing cuts and styles. U.S. steeplechaser Colleen Quigley minced no words, stating to Reuters, “They are absolutely not made for performance.

Nike’s Team USA track and field kit
Nike Olympic Uniforms 2024 / Nike’s Team USA track and field kit

The issue at hand isn’t merely about comfort or personal preference; it’s about the practicality and suitability of the attire for the rigorous demands of elite-level competition. Athletes train relentlessly to perform at their peak during the Olympics, and their attire should facilitate, not hinder, their abilities on the track.

Moreover, the criticism extends beyond functionality to encompass broader concerns about gender equality and representation in sports. The perception that women’s uniforms are consistently subjected to hypersexualization compared to men’s attire reinforces harmful stereotypes and undermines the achievements of female athletes as professionals first and foremost.

This isn’t the first time Nike has faced backlash over its designs. In recent years, the brand has come under fire for various instances of tone-deaf marketing and product choices. However, the scrutiny surrounding the Team USA track and field kits underscores a deeper issue within the sports apparel industry — one that demands greater accountability and inclusivity in design processes.

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As discussions surrounding gender equality and representation continue to gain traction in the realm of sports, it’s imperative for brands like Nike to reassess their approach to product development and ensure that their designs align with the values of inclusivity, functionality, and respect for athletes’ preferences and needs.

The USA Track and Field kits were unveiled by Nike on Thursday in Paris, ahead of the 2024 Olympics this summer.

  • Germany’s women’s gymnastics team wore full-length bodysuits at the Tokyo Olympics, in what they said was a stand against sexualisation in the sport.
  • Gymnastics New Zealand last week updated its attire rules to allow women and girls to wear shorts or leggings over their leotards.

“Our bodies are all different and it seems silly to expect us to compete at the highest level of our sport without a properly fit uniform,” Sportsperson said.

The kits for the track and field team were part of the overall release for Team USA, which included uniforms for track and field, basketball, soccer and skateboarding, CBS Sports reported. The uniforms were constructed in the Nike Sports Research Lab and designed using data from athletes.

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